Nikki Vega

Nikki has served in the Army, been a teacher and brings her experiences with people of diverse nationalities, languages, faiths, and cultures led to her therapy.

 As a licensed clinical social worker, Nikki has assisted clients of all ages in diagnosis and assessment and adolescents, adults, and seniors in therapy. She enjoys working with people who are going through life changes, Functional Movement Disorders, strokes, depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma to help create a more stable and happier sense of self in order to better understand and process where they are in their lives.

 She will work with you to create a lasting foundation of health that will help you with what you are going through both now and in the future. By knowing and understanding yourself better, you can prepare for a brighter future.

Nikki listens to and hears people, always treating them with dignity and respect, and emphasizes identifying and processing barriers which inhibit clients’ goals. Focusing on a person-centered, personal strengths perspective, Nikki collaborates with you to achieve a healthier and happier life.