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Amanda Estill

This is the page where you look to see if I might be able to really understand YOU and if I can actually help. What I want to say to that is, I will work my hardest to do just that. I want to show up for you, and listen.

During Our Sessions, I Will Be Focused On You.

If there isn’t anywhere else that you feel important in your life, you are important in our sessions together. You matter and I am dedicated to guiding you towards learning what you need.

Have You Been Struggling With Shame And Questioning Your Worth?


Do You Feel Like You Don’t Know Who You Really Are And What You Really Want?


You Suffer From Self Doubt In One Or Many Areas In Your Life.


I specialize in helping people understand themselves in a deeper and more meaningful way and find their authentic voice. There is an amazing spirit inside of you and it is time for your true Self to shine. I will work with you to love yourself in the way you have always wanted.

 I Will Encourage You To Listen To Your Own Truth – This Is Where Healing Happens.

We heal in relationship. We begin to change when we feel TRULY heard. I will provide that space where you are safe to explore what will help. The healing is already there inside you – I will work to help you find it.